Drinkware: Not all insulation is created equal

With the many different drinkware products available today it can leave a typical retail consumer wondering why prices vary so much from one option to another. Unfortunately if you work with someone that doesnt explain the differences most people would never know which option is the best for their need. All of the different insulations cannot be seen and if you want a high quality bottle you should never shop on price alone. A good rule of thumb is that the four main types of insulation are highly correlated to the cost of the product. Additionally more often than not those higher priced items will insulate the liquid significantly longer than an inexpensive option.

The Four Types of Insulation for Drinkware in order from lease effective to most effective are as follows:

  1. Air
  2. Foam
  3. Vacuum Insulation
  4. Copper + Vacuum Insulation

Air Insulated Drinkware:
This option is typically found in less expensive double walled plastic tumbler glasses. While it will keep your beverage cold longer than a single wall, uninsulated container it will not give you all day enjoyment of a cold or hot beverage. 

Foam Insulated Drinkware:
Foam Insulated Drinkware is commonly found in travel coffee mugs and is a "better" form of insulation. It's great for traveling to work with a cup of joe to go and is typically a good entry level price point for an insulated vessel of it's kind. 

Vacuum Insulated Drinkware:
Vacuum Insulated Drinkware is the next best option over Foam Insulation. There is no air inside the inner walls which creates the ability to keep beverages cold or hot significantly longer than foam insulation. Vacuum insulated drinkware does typically come at a higher price point but if you're looking for a higher end option this is a step up from foam.

Copper + Vacuum Insulated Drinkware:
The best insulation option available is a mix of vacuum insulation with a lining of copper inside. This is typical of all the big retail brand you'll see in stores today as the insulation properties are so strong that you can expect to keep beverages cold for up to 16 hours and hot up to 8 - sometimes even longer. As one would expect these types of containers come at a higher price point but are a great option for anyone that wants to provide a product that their recipient will use time after time.

The four different types of insulation for drinkware.

The four different types of insulation for drinkware.

Pro tip for care of your insulated drinkware:
For longterm use of your insulated drinkware it is suggested that you hand wash any insulated drinkware. Machine washing may allow are to escape and water to enter the insulated cavity thus causing poor or no insulation.